Monday, 18 November 2013

Makarasana (crocodile pose) YOGA

Makarasana (crocodile pose)

Position like that of a crocodile.

Pre Position
Prone Position.


In the prone position place your both hands crossed around head or rest your forehead on it, relax all the muscles, continue normal breathing.

Bring the arms forward and fold them. Then place the forehead on the folded elbows and relax the neck.
Spread the legs and keep them at a distance of a foot or so, with the heels inside and the toes outside. Then relax the legs.
Keep the whole body relaxed. Try to touch as many parts of the body to the floor as possible. Keep the breathing normal and the head in a positoin which is comfortable.

This asana being for relaxation, the muscles of the body should not be strained. So attempt should be made to relax all muscles and the joints of the body.

Bring the feet together.
Unfold the arms & get them back as before and come to the Prone Position.

The aim of this asana is to release the strain caused by other asanas. Therefore, this asana should be maintained for two to three minutes.

Internal Effects
As all the muscles are relaxed, they need less blood and oxygen supply. Consequently, the heart beats and the breathing also slow down. Now as the whole basic operation turns slow, the body gets good rest.

In this asana the whole body is relaxed. As the body is relaxed one is inclined to sleep which one should strictly avoid.

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