Thursday, 27 December 2012


Send a Self Deleting SMS : DELETED Auto After Reading
How to send a Self deleting SMS to any mobile that is It is automatically deleted after user reads it. Isn't This amazing so Guys Read On....
Basically this technique is called SAFE-TEXT, i.e. message is deleted after user reads it.
Basically this is a Website which allows you to send such type of sms for free of cost after registering on it. But it has limitation that you can send only 10 SMS a day.
*. How To Send Self Deleting Sms ??
1. To register and activate, text. WIRED. to 83118 (charged at your standard network rate). You will be able to send up to 10 messages daily.
2. If you are the sender, the message will show your name and number.
3. Write your libel-ridden hate speech and hit send.
4. The receiver will then be sent a text telling them they have been sent a Wired Safe Text with a link to the mobile internet site that hosts your message.
5. When they click through they will activate Safe Text. They will only have a few seconds to read the text (so dont make it too long) before it self-destructs.
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